First Emulator PUBG Tournament by Tencent Gaming Buddy
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First Emulator PUBG Tournament by Tencent Gaming Buddy

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A video game competition using a PC may be quite ordinary, and even though using a smartphone is also an alternative that is no less exciting in an esports match. But what about the competition using an emulator? It seems to be something quite different and certainly interesting to follow its development.PT Putra Tekno Asia which formed the eSports Pro Game (EPG) committee held a PUBG Mobile competition using the Gameloop emulator under the name Gameloop Players Arena (GPA). And of course, this competition became the PUBG Mobile competition with emulators for the first time in Indonesia.
Unlike the competition which is generally attended by professional players, the GPA competition is opened for various groups; from young to adult, professional or amateur. Where indirectly, this competition is also intended for superior seeds who may usually only play alongside their huts, now have the opportunity to further sharpen their abilities, and show their fangs in the competitive shutter.

The GPA competition was first held on July 20, 2019, then in three places at once; Highground, Orion Esport Arena, and Noki Cybernet Café. At least targeting 240 registered for the total prize of 12 million rupiahs. And the author himself also had the opportunity to witness the competition first hand in one of the match locations.
Here are some fun photos of the GPA competition series.
Not only is it present as a competition, another goal of holding the GPA is also to introduce Gameloop emulators to Indonesian gamers. The author also had the opportunity to talk a little with several figures involved in organizing GPA events and the development of Gameloop's own emulator, namely; Ms. Michelle as Head of Marketing (and translator at the event), Ms. Vivi as Head of Gameloop and Mr. Maicom as an Overseas Marketing.

Ms. Vivi explained that Gameloop has a variety of new features in addition to gaming, such as the presence of news, browsers, streaming videos, or even live streaming of the game being played. Mr. Maicom then added that some other emulators do have similar features, but Gameloop emulators allow multi-tasking to run smoothly, for example, playing PUBG Mobile while streaming on YouTube for example.

Not only that, but Ms. Vivi also explained that Gameloop currently has more than 50 popular games that can be played optimally in its library, and ready to be downloaded at any time. But going forward, Gameloop plans to bring more than 100 other games and will continue to be updated regularly.

You might be wondering whether the version of Gameloop with these new features will be heavier than the previous version, given that many of them need a PC with high enough specifications for maximum playing experience. Ms. Vivi stated that for now Gameloop also requires a fairly high PC specification, but in the future, they will continue to strive to make the Gameloop emulator run optimally and smoothly on PCs or laptops with low specifications.
Regarding the GPA event itself, the organizers also plan that the GPA competition will be held again in the future. Mr. Mischelle added that this competition will be held regularly with a level that is not so far apart, which is about once every two weeks. This certainly opens wide opportunities for PUBG players who want to compete and further sharpen their abilities in shutter esports.
Congratulations to the first GPA competition winners at the Highgrounds location!скачать dle 12.0
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